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In the story “Midori” by Marlene Targ Brill one character trait that describes Midori and her mother,Setsu, is determination. Midori as a young child loved playing music on the violin. Her mother was so supportive she had private parties with friends and family members to watch her perform. The word about Midoris talent quickly spread. A teacher in New York accepted her as student in the musical academy.

According in the story it cites, “When Midori was nine years old, her mother recognized that her daughter possessed incredible musical talent.” Midori’s mom never found out her musical talent their would be no famous violinist Midori. On top of that her mom did not stop there she pushed Midori to strive for her dream. Setsu showed determination to not to give up helping her talent to go above and beyond.One other example from the story is, “Setsu’s demanding practice schuedule forced her to bring little Midori along to the music studio.”Midori probably learned from her mom.

In the story it cites, “The life as a violinist is everything midori had hoped for.” She is a great example to never give up on your dreams or goals in life. Midori as a kid I bet she was pressured a lot speaking two languages and other activities,but she never stopped playing violin.She showed determination by never giving up. Another reason is she never knew as a kid she would get this for in her career without practice she would not be a famous violinist.

Midori and her mother both showed determination and look at them today.They have inspired a lot of people by one character trait determination. Remember these words never give up! Do what your heart tells you. Be determined about anything put your mind to it.